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Posted on Mon, Feb 29, 2016 @ 02:00 PM


LGC Biosearch Technologies is announcing the upcoming release of a new qPCR probe format known as BHQnova™ probes. This is an exciting addition to the full range of BHQ qPCR probes including our standard BHQ® hydrolysis probes and our compact BHQplus® probes. The new BHQnova probe is a double-quenched probe, which includes the typical 5’ reporter dye and 3’ BHQ modifications, but also incorporates an additional internal “Nova” quencher. This new probe format allows for longer probe sequences, maintains excellent quenching efficiency, and improves signal-to-noise ratio (S:N) resulting in robust amplification curves. The BHQnova probe format presents yet another option that allows greater design flexibility to tackle almost any qPCR assay design challenge.

Standard Hydrolysis Probe vs BHQnova Probes:


Figure 1. qPCR amplification curves for BHQnova probes (red) demonstrate the improved quenching and S:N of BHQnova probe vs. standard hydrolysis probe (black) of the same sequence.

BHQnova probes include a novel, internal Nova quencher modification in addition to a terminal BHQ quencher. This construct provides excellent signal suppression when unbound. With this probe format, you will receive superior:

  • Quenching Efficiency: Separation of dye and quencher in probe construct is kept to a minimum allowing for enhanced quenching kinetics.
  • Design Flexibility: With an internal quencher, you can have longer probe designs allowing you to tackle difficult sequences without sacrificing assay performance.

Join the early access program:

If you would like to evaluate this new probe format, you can get a head start by joining our  a BHQnova early access program. Sign up for today to receive news and exclusive deals before official product launch. As part of the program, you will receive the following perks:

  • Regular updates and technical specifications about the new probe format
  • Exclusive access to BHQnova application notes
  • Priority ordering of BHQnova probes before official product launch
  • Introductory trial size with special pricing.

Join the Program


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