A Stellar-is Year in the Making

Updated : Mon, September 19, 2022 @ 2:12 PM 

It wouldn't be fair to close out 2016 without showcasing the stellar year that Stellaris® RNA FISH has had. Take a closer look at our top 10 highlights from the past year - mind blowing images are only the beginning!

1. Stellaris on the cover of JCS in November, congratulations to Graydon Gonsalvez and his team!November Issue of JCS featuring Stellaris RNA FISH Image

2. We broke 500 citations total with over 34% in Nature, Cell or Science

3. Our first plant publications

  1. A method for detecting single mRNA molecules in Arabidopsis thaliana, Susan Duncan et al.
  2. Mutually exclusive sense–antisense transcription at FLC facilitates environmentally induced gene repression. Stefanie Rosa et al. 

4. Published using CLARITY

  1. Multiplexed Intact-Tissue Transcriptional Analysis at Cellular Resolution. Emily Sylwestrak et al. 

5. Published with super-resolution STORM microscopy

  1. Circadian RNA expression elicited by 3’- UTR IRAlu-paraspeckle associated elements
6. Published discerning unique viral segments 
  1. A Multicomponent Animal Virus Isolated from Mosquitoes with this submitted image. Jason Ladner et al. (Photo below courtesty of Michael Lindquist)

Multicomponent Animal Virus Isolated from Mosquitoes

7. Our first image competition #picyourbrain - congratulations to Roberto Santoro, our grand prize winner (winning photo at right courtesy of Roberto Santoro). 
Pic Your Brain Photo Contest Winning Image

8. New protocols

  1. Mouse brain
  2. Drosophila Embryo
  3. 96 well glass bottom plate
9. Stellaris RNA FISH used in conjunction with RNA-seq to validate cell-specific gene expression
  1. Overlapping cell population expression profiling and regulatory inference in C. elegans. Joshua Burdik et al.
10. Release of non-human, non-mouse positive controls, positive controls in 2 dyes, and over 3,500 new professionally designed DesignReady probe sets


Want even more Stellaris? Click here for protocols, FAQs, videos and more. 

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