Nova is the new black

Updated : Mon, April 24, 2023 @ 8:54 AM

LGC Biosearch Technologies has developed a new qPCR probe format powered by Black Hole Quencher technology known as BHQnova™ probes. This probe format incorporates 5’ fluorophores and 3’ BHQ modifications as seen in standard BHQ probes, but also introduces a novel Nova quencher placed internally between bases 9 and 10 from the 5’ end of the oligo.

The synergistic quencher modifications alleviate the typical length constraints of a standard qPCR probe, allowing for much longer probe sequences, 25 bases and beyond, while maintaining excellent quenching characteristics. As a result, BHQnova probes have a reduced baseline signal as compared to a typical hydrolysis probe with a single quencher.

The improved quenching efficiency is only half of the story. BHQnova probes are remarkable in their ability to provide very low basal fluorescence when unbound; yet their signal release is unimpeded by the addition of the Nova quencher, often resulting in enhanced signal-to-noise ratios (S:N) as compared to that of standard dual-labeled probes.

In short, a BHQnova probe is the optimal choice for probe designs that lean toward longer sequence lengths. Find out more about BHQnova probes and how they can be applied to the development of high performance qPCR assays.

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