Faster, stronger, quicker: SSR to KASP will get you there

Updated : Mon, January 9, 2017 @ 3:20 PM

Screen more markers faster and bring crops with superior traits to the market quicker.DNA Extraction

That’s what breeders want. It’s what their companies need. What better way to do this than with LGC’s new short sequence repeat (SSR) microsatellite to KASP SNP marker conversion service.

SSR microsatellites are tracts of repetitive DNA in which certain motifs of 2-5 base pairs are repeated between 5-50 times.  They are often used in DNA profiling in kinship analysis (particularly paternity testing), forensic analysis as well as by plant breeders during breeding programmes.

While microsatellite studies have delivered tremendous success, the characterization of SSR markers can be a laborious and costly process.

SNP IdentificationLGC’s new SSR to KASP conversion service, enables laboratories to easily convert SSR markers to new SNP genotyping markers and capitalise on the many benefits that come with working with SNPs. Sure you could continue analysing SSRs – we won’t pretend that doesn’t work – but you wouldn’t be benefiting from the multiple advantages SNP markers offer.

Those advantages include: more robust and reproducible KASPmarkers, faster analysis, scalable to high throughput, and cost savings of over 44% per sample. On top of all that, with our
 SSR to KASP conversion you’re also getting a quick,
convenient, professional service without the need to invest in capital equipment.

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