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Updated : Mon, September 19, 2022 @ 2:15 PM

It seems everyone wants to do more with less, and automate the process as well.  But this can cause a number of challenges for even a traditional molecular diagnostics tool such as PCR.The IntelliQube by LGC Douglas Scientific

The versatility of PCR has led to a myriad of spin-off techniques, including probe-based quantitative PCR (qPCR). To increase the utility of the method, multiplexed qPCR uses several pairs of gene-specific primers and probes to amplify and measure multiple target sequences simultaneously. This helps reduce material costs and increase efficiencies, although upstream optimisation is required.

While there are a number of PCR instruments on the market that can perform one-step qPCR , the IntelliQube® is unique in providing a fully-automated walk-away system that delivers the flexibility and scalability necessary to economically expand qPCR workflows while minimising reaction volumes of just 1.6 uL using Array Tape®.

The IntelliQube by LGC Douglas ScientificWe recently worked with experts from TATAA Biocenter in Sweden to evaluate the performance of the IntelliQube using BHQ-probe based assays for a gene expression model study of the Mucin 1 (Muc1) gene across a number of tissues types.

Without wanting to provide too many spoilers, the study demonstrates the ability of the instrument to successfully multiplex three BHQ qPCR assays and a passive reference dye for gene expression studies without compromising data quality.


To learn more, just click here to download the study.

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