What are our team’s favourite products?

Our scientists can’t agree!

Our portfolio covers a wide range of products supporting research, development and manufacturing across the life sciences, biotechnology and agrigenomics sectors. Some of our team share their favourite products that we offer. 


Oliver Watts – Commercial Application Scientist

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Oliver has a degree in microbiology and a PhD in veterinary science and medicine. He works with customers to ensure our enzyme products can meet critical needs in their workflows.

My favourite product is RapiDxFire 5x qPCR Master mix. This is a highly sensitive master mix capable of high levels of multiplexing. Although the mix works very well in wet format, the higher concentration in combination with a lyo-compatible formulation makes it a great product for use in lyophilised qPCR kits for a wide variety of applications, particularly in the MDx space.  


Shireen Ahmed – Nucleic Acid Chemistry Product Manager 

Shireen has a degree in chemistry and originally joined LGC as a chemist to synthesise products, before moving into product management. 

I’m probably going to be a little bit biased, but my favourite is our CPG products – controlled pore glass, which is a solid support that’s used in solid phase oligo synthesis. I quite like that it has a lot of different characteristics that you can pick from, for example, pore size or loading range based on the desired oligo that you’re manufacturing. So you can customise it whatever way you like, and I think that aspect of it makes it a pretty cool product. 


Leandro Neves – Senior Director for Research and Innovation Nexar blog

Leandro has a PhD in plant molecular and cellular biology. He co-founded Rapid Genomics, which became part of LGC in 2022. 

My first one is Flex-Seq, which is a product that my team and I invented at Rapid Genomics and we commercialise with LGC. Then the second one is the Array Tape and the Nexar inline liquid handling system – I really like how we've been able to scale PCR genotyping with those two improvements. We’re trying to learn a lot from that and incorporate some of that mindset into the Flex-Seq franchise as well. 


Lindy McClelland – Senior Scientist 

Lindy has a PhD in genetics from the University of Rochester. She works with customers to co-create custom solutions to their problems. 

I’m biased to oligos. The oligos from LGC Biosearch Technologies are high quality, the best in the world, and there is a wide range of modifications to choose from for your custom application.  


Austin Sheppe – Genomics Technical Sales Specialist 

Austin has a PhD in microbiology and immunology from the University of Florida. He supports customers in the agrigenomics field, covering all aspects from disease resistance in plants to breeding selection in animals. 

It’s hard to say; there are a few that I really like. At Rapid Genomics, we developed something called Capture-Seq, which is a really cool tool that can be used in a lot of different ways depending on how creative our clients get. It can be used for RNA-Seq where you’re not targeting the whole transcriptome. You can use it for evolutionary biology studies – looking at phylogenetics, understanding how certain species are related, but you can also adapt it for understanding population genetics or agricultural traits of interest that you want to track or map out. It’s a catch-all technology that I really like. I think KASP is a very close second, which is probably one of the more famous technologies that LGC is known for. But they go hand in hand, where you discover and map things out with Capture-Seq and then you follow it up by tracking with KASP. 


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